Why in Greece?

Why to host your website on a reliable web server located in Greece with a Greek IP?

Because Google itself confirms that when a website is hosted on a web server geographically located at the country to which it is intended for, that has an enormous impact on its ranking among the search engine organic results. Watch the two related videos from the official channel of "Google Webmaster Tools" and what does Matt Cautts say, head software engineer at Google.

Speed matters...

Except from the significant ranking factors for organic search results, speed is also an important factor! Our servers are hosted in a Greek datacenter and are connected to the Greek IX (GR-IX) with a speed of 100 Mbit/s and via two independent providers for maximum availability. That way, we offer you maximum performance for your website and the fastest access for visitors and clients.

Learn more for the important advantages that we offer you by hosting our infrastructure in a Greek datacenter.

Benchmarking tests show that the response time of a modern web server geographically located in Greece is up to 5 times faster compared to a server located in other European country.