Consulting Services

At we transform our experience and know-how in useful advice for utilizing new technologies in the development of your business activities, which increase the performance and lower the cost.

Our consulting services include the analysis and strategic development of IT systems, the selection of the appropriate software and hardware for each case, as well as the necessary management that is required for the successful realization of IT projects (IT project management).

At we are experts in implementing solutions that are based on virtualization and the new technologies of cloud computing & SaaS, as well as in technologies that are based on open source or free software. We are able to provide you with consulting services that focus on the use and development of such technologies, so that you can enjoy their benefits and advantages. We can also undertake the installation and maintenance of your IT systems, as well as the study and installation for the necessary structured cabling.

The following services are offered as part of our consulting services on IT and technology projects:

  • Analysis of the needs and requirements of IT projects
  • Evaluation of existing and under development IT projects and solutions
  • Study and strategic development of IT systems
  • Monitoring and control of the execution of IT projects
  • Implementation of new IT systems in your company
  • Compatibility check between existing and new IT systems
  • Transfer of know-how and best practices as well as presentation of new technology topics
  • Requirements assurance (efficiency, scalability, security) for hardware and software
  • Selection of appropriate technologies and solutions based on specific requirements, needs and available resources
  • Study and implementation of transition to systems that use virtualization technologies and open-source applications
  • Specialized technical advice
  • IT project management