Structured Cabling

Structured cabling is a vital part of modern buildings, whether they are business offices or apartments. Today's technology requires the cabling integration and structuring within a standardized system.

With such a cabling system we can accommodate and check the following needs:

  • Data transmission (computer network)
  • Voice transmission (switchboard - telephones)
  • Video transmission (satellite - digital TV)
  • Alarm system
  • Fire detection/suppression
  • Heating - air-conditioning - ventilation systems

Standardization and international standards (ΕΙΑ/ΤΙΑ 568 Α & ΕΙΑ/ΤΙΑ 569, ISO/IEC DIS 11801 & CENELEC-EN 50173) required for a proper and functional structured cabling installation, are being applied to old and new buildings. In new buildings structured cabling is designed and installed along with their electricity infrastructure, while in old ones this is done externally on the walls (through trunking systems and electrical conduit cable routing).

We responsibly undertake the study, the provision of materials, the installation and the certification of a structured cabling network, whether it is for a new or an old building. Our technical know-how and experience allows us to design and implement solutions that can reduce the cost of the installation and fully accommodate todays and future needs.

See our portfolio for a small sample of structured cabling installations we have implemented and if you want our opinion about your future structured cabling installation for your building, don't hesitate contact us.