Domain names

The domain name is what you type in the address bar of a browser and allows you to transfer to any webpage. In other words, it is your identity and the name that someone uses to locate you in the immense internet space. Therefore, it is recommended to opt for a domain name that is short, easy to recall and relevant to or referring to the content of the website.

Availability of the appropriate domain name

The choice of the appropriate domain name is not an easy task, since millions of names are already registered and availability is limited. There are though several suffixes that can be used instead of the very common suffixes .gr or .com (such as .eu, .info,, .biz, etc.) which can facilitate your choice. There are many other suffixes depending on the type of the website. Below are some more examples of suffixes frequently used:

1. organizations in general .org ή
2. educational organizations .edu ή
3. governmental organizations .gov ή
4. network or internet companies .net ή
5. personal websites .name
6. TV stations .tv

There are also many other suffixes depending on the country of the market-target. For example:

1. Greeve .gr
2. United Kingdom
3. Germany .de
4. Italy .it
5. Japan .jp
6. Spain .es
7. Russia .ru

Every country also defines its own sub-domains, which results in endless combinations. Conclusively, even if the choice of a domain name may seem complicated and tricky, it can be easier done than said if approached carefully and accurately.

Ensure the domain name

Upon completion of the availability research of the domain names and the desired one is scouted, it is recommended to engage a further research for similar domain names and have them registered as well in order to avoid "intrusions"! from competitors. For example, when we reserved the domain name which is the official name of our company and our main domain, we also registered similar available names such as,, and This way, we at least obstruct the existence of a similar to ours website with a similar domain in the future. The registration of each domain name is inexpensive and is quite simple to have several domain names registered, so that more security is provided for our "internet name" and we ensure that our visitors are directed to our website in case of mistyping.

Free of charge domain forwarding & domain parking

ΑShould you choose our company to host your domain name, you get free of charge domain redirection for all of your secondary domain names. In addition, the services of "domain mirroring" and "domain parking" are available at no cost, if we are hosting the main domain name, where most web hosting companies would charge you!

Choice of the most appropriate domain name & immediate registration could prove to be your experienced partner. After exchanging views with you, you are ready to opt for the appropriate domain name(s) for your website’s purpose. Once the choice is made and availability is confirmed, we can proceed immediately with the registration of the domain name(s) at any time through an automated system. You can trust us with your domains and we will take over your account management releasing you from complicated procedures and account management problems.


  Price (net)
domain name .gr registration / renewal € 20,00 / 2 years
domain name .eu registration / renewal € 11,00 / 1 year
domain name .com, .net, .org registration / renewal € 11,00 / 1 year
domain name .info registration / renewal € 20,00 / 1 year
domain name .biz registration / renewal € 15,00 / 1 year
domain name .name registration / renewal € 25,00 / 1 year
domain name owner change (for all domains) € 35,00
forward domain free of charge
DNS zone creation free of charge
expired .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info domain reactivation € 45,00
expired .gr, .eu domain reactivation € 45,00
ID shield .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info € 12,00

* Prices exculuding any tax.