SSD shared hosting

SSD shared hosting

At we always believed that the quality of the services we provide is of the utmost importance for our success. This is why in 2011 we rebuilt our entire infrastructure on privately owned DELL servers, which we hosted on a Greek datacenter. The strategic location of the servers in Greece and their direct GR-IX connection , combined with their high-standard technical specifications and the fact that we always ensured they were never overloaded, provided us with extremely low response times and incredibly fast uploads of hosted websites. Now we don’t only believe it, but we are certain that service quality is of the utmost importance!

As of July 2014, shared hosting has radically changed for us, because now it has become "SSD shared hosting". What does this mean? That the web hosting service performances, which were already exceptional, have now skyrocketed!

You can choose among our web hosting packages, "Linux web hosting and Windows web hosting to find the most suitable hosting plan for your needs.

For more information about "SSD shared hosting" please read the following information.

From "shared hosting" to "SSD shared hosting"

Our idea was to upgrade this service, which is the simplest type of hosting, into an acclaimed service, with performances that were already high because of our servers' direct GR-IX. Now, the web servers that provide shared website hosting, also known as shared hosting, are equipped with high performance enterprise-class SSD hard drives!

Performances that will rock your world!

Not only did we replace our mechanical drives with SSD technology disk drives, but we also upgraded our web servers. This way, shared hosting, the simplest type of hosting, is now provided by web servers equipped with multi-core processors (at least 8-core ones), plenty of RAM gigabytes and very fast SSD drives that reach 100,000 IOPs. This entire infrastructure, combined with the web servers’ connection to GR-IX via multiple connections with all ISPs, can offer you shared hosting services of the highest performance, which you will not find elsewhere! Why don’t you test our speeds?

Safety Copies

The protection of your data is of paramount importance to us. Apart from the necessary security measures (firewall, anti-virus, etc.), we receive automated safety copies (backup) on a daily and monthly basis, for all the accounts we are hosting on our web servers. In case of data loss or damage, you are able to restore files within a few minutes from any restore point of the last 20 days. Learn more about our Backup service and how you can directly restore your files yourselves.


We guarantee up to 100% availability! We can achieve this because not only our servers are equipped with dual power supplies (powered by independent power sources) and SSD hard drives in RAID mode for maximum safety, but they are also connected to the Internet directly with GR-IX, through leased circuits from different ISPs. Of course we are talking about machines and therefore nothing is impossible, so we cannot completely rule out a potential damage or error. What we can guarantee, however, is that we are monitoring the servers and most of the times we can avoid any damage before it manifests itself. Nevertheless, if anything should happen, we are ready to restore any damage within a very short time.

Operating conditions

Our servers operate in ideal environmental conditions (stable temperature of 22°C, 50% relative humidity), and they are connected to two independent power supplies powered by redundant UPS systems.


Web hosting on windows servers in Greece! Our web servers are part of our privately owned company equipment and are hosted on a Greek datacenter, while being directly connected to GR-IX. Learn more about our infrastructure and the advantages of direct GR-IX connection, because details are what make the difference.

Money back guarantee

Reliability is measured by actions! So if you are a new client and you don’t have any prior experience with the reliable web hosting services we provide, we would like to relieve you of any anxiety. This is why we guarantee your money back up to 30 days from the day your package is activated, in case you are not completely satisfied by our services.

Windows SSD shared hosting

The hosting packages based on windows web server (windows hosting) are suitable for websites that were built using ASP and .NET (dot net) programming environments or even pure HTML sites.

Linux SSD shared hosting

The hosting packages based on linux web servers (linux hosting) are suitable for websites built with php programming environments or even for pure HTML sites.