Why us?

There are many companies in the market offering similar services. So why choose us as a business partner?

Here are 10 important reasons:

Since May 2011, here at pla.NET.gr we decided to have our infrastructure in a Greek datacenter, which ensures maximum loading speed of websites and extremely short response time.

At pla.NET.gr reliability is one of our major characteristics. We provide our clients with the best services in the market and especially for our hosting plans we offer a 99,9% availability guarantee and a 30 day money back guarantee.

pla.NET.gr is a customer-oriented company and we are interested in your satisfaction while offering you value added services for your business.

At pla.NET.gr our services and products, although not the cheapest in the market, are still the most cost-effective given their quality! We believe in the motto "What you pay is what you get", something which is particularly true in this market.

At pla.NET.gr we understand that we operate in an ever changing field! Therefore, we are flexible and able to adapt to every challenge that comes up. That way, we are able to meet your customized needs that require personalized services.

With us, both you and your data remain safe at all times! We ensure the safety of your data by implementing the latest security technologies, updating our systems and protecting them against new threats, but also making sure that nothing gets lost with daily and weekly backups.

Whether a "disease" or an advantage, we definitely got it! We are famous for our internal organization and we plan every step we take till the last detail. That is how we manage to achieve our goal: optimum quality.

At pla.NET.gr quality is our top priority. We take things personal and we insist on providing quality results! Our clients already know this and you have the chance to experience it as well.

At pla.NET.gr we always stay on top of current trends. But this is not enough. What sets us apart from the competition is the fact that we constantly evolve and innovate. We always create new services so as to provide you with everything new technology has to offer.

At pla.NET.gr we offer many services and products separately, while being able to provide you with turnkey solutions, combining those services and our extensive experience. We offer value added services relieving the pressure for various business extensions.