Greek Datacenter

In 2011 we made the strategic decision to transfer our infrastructure in Greece. This was done in order to provide better hosting services, higher reliability and better performance. Besides transferring the infrastructure in Greece, we also decided to invest in private equipment instead of renting it, like most hosting companies in Greece. The reasons behind this investment are many, but here are the most important benefits:

  • Direct and better control over the hardware
  • Root access to the servers
  • Choosing the desired hardware configuration
  • More direct upgrading & repair
  • Extending the provided services
  • Faster website loading
  • Lower response times

Therefore, since May 2011 our servers are hosted in the datacenter of Lamda Hellix that is located in Koropi, Attica. Lamda Hellix is the first and only certified under ISO 9001:2008 Neutral Data Center Outsourcing Services Provider in Greece and Southeastern Europe for the hosting of Information Technology and Telecommunications Equipment.

In addition, Lamda Hellix's World-Class facilities are fully compliant with BS 7799-1: 2000 Best Practices. The datacenters are housed in purpose-built facilities and do not contain any Single Points of Failure. Their main specifications where our machines are housed are as follows:


Medium voltage substation with two independent power supplies from two independent transformers. Each rack is served by a minimum of 2 independent power supplies (16A, 32A, 63A), single-phase or triple-phase, subsequently powered by independent-redundant UPS systems. In case of substation power outage, the total building's power supply from one of the 2 independent and fully-redundant generators is automatically initiated.

Environmental Control

To ensure optimum performance, temperature is maintained at a constant 22°C and 50% relative humidity via independent and fully-redundant closed-control cooling systems which are provisioned by independent and fully-redundant chillers.

Fire Detection

VESDA (Very Early System Detection via Aspiration), a special premature fire detection system, analyzes room air through specially-installed pipes which allows for fire alarm activation 2 stages before actual flame outburst. As a result, the possibility of equipment damage and downtime are kept to a minimum.

Fire Suppression

An automatic Inergen gas–based fire suppression system - harmless to man and equipment - enables instantaneous fire suppression, ensuring electronic equipment operation with no downtime. In addition, a second (back-up) Dry-Pipe System further strengthens the facility operation against accidental fire. All areas throughout the facility are also equipped with handheld CO2 fire extinguishers.


A computerized Building Management System enables 24x7 monitoring and remote operation for more than 300 points of operational reference.

Embedded Building Security

The building's architecture has been designed in order to ensure maximum security for people, equipment and operations through a minimum number of windows and doors (all protected by special alarm system), high perimetric fencing, multiple (>5) layers of access, etc.


The facilities are manned on a 24x7 basis by highly-trained security & operations staff equipped with state-of-the-art apparatus.


Our HD Digital Video Management System monitors motion detection and is fully integrated with the Access Control system.

Access Control

A state-of-the-art Access Control System has been installed enabling access through proximity cards. The system's features include independent access zones, anti-pass back, escort service, guard tours and is fully integrated with the CCTV system.

Stringent Entrant Verification

Facility Entrance Permits are strictly personal and issued based on special security procedures, certified under ISO 9001:2008, always adhering to area or time limitations set by client.

{jb_info}The above information concerning the datacenter has borrowed from the website of Lamda Hellix, where our servers are hosted.{/jb_info}