cPanel Control Panel


At we have chosen to use cPanel control panel as the main tool for the management of the hosting packages. This decision has been taken because "cPanel" control panel is the most popular web based tool that widely used as the favorite default control panel of most hosting companies and users. It comes with the known understandable interface and user friendly design, while is popular for the ability to manage all the functions of the hosting account with ease.


cPanel web hosting comes with multiple benefits for users. With cPanel web hosting, users can have an easy management of their website and web hosting account. The interface is intuitive and graphical, friendly and conveniently to users so that even a new user can experience it without many technical knowledge or skills.

cPanel is the most secure control panel. It has three-level structures which improve the management security. Besides, it also provides password protect directories to restrict to certain parts of your websites, allows you to manage SSL/TLS keys, certificates and signing requests, and connects to server remotely. IP denial, ClamAV antivirus and daily Backup procedures are also enabled on our cPanel web servers.

In order to login at your cPanel and be able to administer your hosting plan, please click here and you will be redirected to the address, where you will see the following screenshot.

{jb_warning}Please note the specific port (2083) at this URL. It is necessary in order to view the below login screen.{/jb_warning}

{jb_info}Alternatively you can visit the address You will be redirected immediately to the correct URL to login.{/jb_info}

At this screen you have to enter your credentials (username & password) to access the control panel. Then you must be redirected to the main page of control panel, as shown on the following screenshot.